Product Coaching

Helping mature startups before they hire their first product executive.

Your product process isn't broken. It just needs a tune-up.

Many series A/B founders experience the moment where they realize that because their focus has been on revenue, or sales, or engineering, they've neglected to put a product process in place and structure a product organization for success. They panic, thinking everything is broken. This is normal, and it's where I have the biggest impact.

How I help

I coach founders and early product managers (individual or teams) on product management principles and practices.

Sessions are focused on wherever the client or team is experiencing friction or a lack of clarity, but are typically focused on formalizing a company’s product process (laying a foundation and putting together a reusable process for the team) and coaching younger PMs.

I typically meet with PM and/or founders every other week.

I can help with things across the board, but typically you'll see us:

  • Mentor junior PMs to produce at a higher quality.
  • Foster better founder/PM communication.
  • Design your product organization.
  • Structure and execute a search for a VP Product.
  • Unblock roadmaps.

👋 Hi! I'm Brenden

I'm a product designer and entrepreneur. I've started and sold three startups, most recently to Google, where I spent 3 years as a product manager. Now I'm back to building products and coaching startups.

Think I can help? Reach out.